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Fewer Operations Cancelled In NHS Scotland

Operations cancelled due to non-clinical/capacity reasons are an indicator of performance by NHS Scotland. Operations cancelled by patients themselves of for a clinical reason by doctors tend to remain constant and are, of course, not due to, for example, any shortages in beds, operating theatres or of staff. The former, always a small percentage of overall planned operations, less than 5% at a peak time, and typically less than 2%, have been falling for the last three months.

Tory Dental Care Cutbacks Bite In England...

 In June 2018, English Labour described deterioration in children’s dental care, in England, as ‘unacceptable.’ In 2016, the BBC and the Telegraph described dental care for children in England as ‘Third World.’ Yesterday NHS Scotland were able to reveal a more confident smile as our bairns become less affected by tooth decay. Richard Leonard was unavailable for comment.

Scottish NHS Holding Up Despite Tory Austerity Cuts

In the 11-year period since the SNP came to power, there has been a staggering 34.9% increase in demand for inpatient appointments and, in only one year since 2017, there has been a proportionally even greater increase of 11.9%. All of this has taken place against a background of general funding cuts to the Scottish government’s budget. See this statement for just the year ahead:

Childrens' Operations Cancelled By NHS England Up 58% But Falling In Scotland?

"In a long piece, we hear tales of several boards and trust, across England. No Scottish examples are used. Could that be because cancelled operations for all age groups have been falling for some time in Scotland? Try searching for cancelled operation in NHS Scotland, for children or for adults, and you’ll hear the brushwood tumble past. If there was such a phenomenon in Scotland, we’d hear all about it. Our Loyalist List MSPs would be all over the story and not having to rely on hoping we think a story about NHS England applies here."

NHS SCotland Compensating For Bed Shortages In England

We hear, often headlined, the single cases of NHS Scotland patients travelling to London for specialist care, such as for Ebola, not available in Scotland or for access to expensive drugs not approved here. Far more significant, but rarely reported in our Nomedia, are examples of large numbers being transferred from a system ten times its size, into NHS Scotland, because of shortages in NHS England.