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We Don't Need Tax To Fund The NHS

"The way to fund £20bn of extra healthcare spending is for the government to create the necessary funding for that purpose. And it can do this at any moment. The fact is that tax does not precede spend. It is always, and inevitably, true that spend precedes tax.  In that case the hypothesis that extra tax must be raised before the NHS can be funded is incorrect. What actually happens is that if the government spends an extra £20 billion into the economy, and increases GDP directly as a result (because government spending is part of GDP, because it creates wealth) then  the government can, if it so wishes, claim back some, all, or even more of that spend in tax  if it so wishes."

(96.7% Of Scottish MS Patients Seen Within 10 Days Of Diagnosis

The proportion of newly diagnosed patients receiving first contact with a specialist nurse within 10 working days of confirmed diagnosis has risen more than 10% in seven years, from 86% to 96.7%. More dramatically, the proportion of those receiving first contact with specialists, ten days after referral, has increased by 50% in the same period.


95% Of Scottish Cancer Patients Treated Within 31 Days

In Scotland, the 95% target for waiting times of 31 days or less, between decision to treat and first treatment, was met in June 2018, having been met or only just missed for the last six years . Four out of fifteen boards did not meet the target. In 2017, the average was 94.8%. The 62-day wait between first suspicion of cancer to first treatment was, however, only met in 84.6% of cases. In NHS England, the figure was only 78.2%.