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SNP Government Act Against Obesity

From news.gov.scot today: Children and young people across Scotland will benefit from funding of £1.7 million to support health boards deliver new standards for weight management services. The investment comes after NHS Health Scotland published standards for weight management services for under 18-year-olds, to ensure quality and equal access to provision across the country. The funding is part of the Scottish Government’s ambition to halve childhood obesity by 2030 and significantly reduce diet-related health inequalities.

Funding Support To Reduce Inequalities In Child Health

The Scottish Government and COSLA (Convention of Local Authorities) have come together to work on ways to  improve the diet and health of Scots and in particular children. They are working towards 5 key outcomes:

  • Children have the best start in life – they eat well and have a healthy weight
  • The food environment supports healthier choices
  • People have access to effective weight management services
  • Leaders across all sectors promote healthy weight and diet
  • Diet-related health inequalities are reduced

You can find out more about that here: A healthier future: Scotland’s diet and healthy weight delivery plan

Scotland's NHS Outperforms The Rest Of The UK

"The evidence available for comparison suggests that the Scottish Government’s approach to health service management – having a greater ratio of healthcare spending and resources to demand and overall population, as well as providing better GP access to lesson the pressure on hospitals – has made the Scottish health service more effective than that of the rest of the UK."

Sales Of Alcohol Fall To The Lowest Level Since Records Began

"See, never mind the improving trends in consumption. Never mind the fact that the minimum pricing scheme was designed to reduce all problem drinking and not really expected to solve alcoholism. We’re telling you that Scotland is still a place of drunks and that you needn’t get above yourselves. And, never mind that alcohol-related stays in hospital continue to fall as they have done since the early days of this ‘SNP Government’."