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40% More Elderly/Dementia Patients Treated At Home In Scotland

"Thanks, once more to a parliamentary question from Miles Briggs (SCAUP), we can reveal that the number of old age hospital beds has been reduced from 2 823 in 2008/09 to 1 774 in 2017/18. Typically, around 90% of these were used for dementia cases. According to the SNP Government: "The trends are in line with broader Scottish Government policies, including the three National Dementia Strategies and the integration of health and social care, to shift the balance of care, strengthen integrated community care and enable more people with dementia to live a good quality of life at home or in a homely environment for longer"."

Extra Funding To Improve (Scottish) NHS Waiting Times

"In April NHS Scotland  received £70million to improve waiting times in our hospitals and now an additional £32million has been added to that. The money is to be used for additional clinics and extra staff. The Scottish Government has set national waiting times standards for the maximum time that patients should have to wait for NHS services in Scotland."

Scots Have Far Better Access To GPs Than English

"In the Guardian today (12 June 2019), we read of serious and worsening problems in access to GPs in England.... Based on this Scottish survey published in July 2019, we can see that while overall levels of satisfaction with the quality of the service offered by GPs did not differ significantly, it is in the ease of access that the Scottish system seems to be performing much better."