Mainstream Media Distortion

An Auld Sang

"Foote is welcomed by me to the world of common sense. But for the democratic destruction reaped upon Scotland by his disreputable lying rag of a newspaper, for the ferocious lies he published, for the fact we might still be part of the EU had we secured self-governance again, Foote has a duty to keep singing loud and clear for his supper. And perhaps he should donate his speaking fees to a food bank. Truculent? I’m goddam angry as hell. There is no mercy in my justice." Grouse Beater.

Discredited IFS & BBC Try To Undermine Scottish Government

As both SNP media attention and membership soared, was this inadequate little report inserted into a Reporting Scotland broadcast to satisfy the expectations of the Scottish Conservatives that their older audience/voters be warned not to start liking the SNP? Murdo Fraser and Blair McDougall had been tweeting about the IFS report, in this light, the same day.