Mainstream Media Distortion

BBC Distortion - Again

Events in the House of Commons yesterday represented a genuinely historic level of government chaos and turmoil. It was the mainstream media’s job to explain why to viewers and listeners who may not know what represents normal procedures and process well enough to fully grasp why those events were so significant. Instead, the BBC was damping down flames and opening escape hatches for a Prime Minister who – seen objectively – must now be rated as one of the worst in history and for a government that requires urgent replacement for the good of the country.

Deconstructing A BBC Bad News Story

"Uncertainty about Brexit – decisions being made in London without the Scottish government’s consent and over which the Scottish government has no control – is having a profound and negative impact on the economy. Small and medium businesses, the backbone of the British economy, are not growing, they are not taking on staff, and they are struggling to make money. Not knowing what the future holds over the other side of the cliff edge, investors – or potential investors – are not putting their money to work in UK companies. Decisions being made in Westminster are having a direct effect on the economy. They have caused it to stall and thereby slowed the rate of employment."

How The BBC Lost The Plot On Brexit

"No one should praise journalists who speak out when, and only when, they are certain that public opinion is with them. Not just journalists, but anyone engaged in political life should learn from the BBC’s abject performance. Whether you are on the left or the right, there will be times when you will be frightened of saying what you believe for fear of offending your friends, breaking a taboo or going against the ephemeral consensus of the day. Allow that fear to dominate you and you will end up like the BBC: platitudinous, frightened, and irrelevant." Nick Cohen.