Scottish Renewable Electricity Generation Up To 88% Of Annual Requirment

"From Energy Voice yesterday: ‘Scottish renewable energy hits ‘record generation’ in 2019. Electricity from renewable energy generation in Scotland has reached record levels in the first quarter of 2019, new figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has shown. According to BEIS, in the first quarter of 2019 renewable generation in Scotland was 8,877 gigawatts (GW) – enough to power around 88% of Scottish households for a year. The figure is an increase in generation of 17% on the same quarter in 2018."

Mammoth Wind Farm Starts One Year Ahead Of Schedule

"From Energy Voice yesterday: ‘The multi-billion Moray East Offshore Wind Farm project will kick into life almost a year ahead of schedule from its operations and maintenance centre at Fraserburgh Harbour. It is hoped that it will bring a significant jobs boost for the area. The Moray Firth wind developers also revealed earlier this year that the wind farm will be able to “meet the needs of 40% of Scotland’s households”. Moray East Offshore Wind Farm added that it will also generate power at almost two-thirds less than the cost of current UK wind farms. The development is expected to power more than 950,00 homes. It was originally expected to begin construction work in 2021.’"

Scotland To Have Largest Tidal Turbine In The World

"A 150 tonne tidal stream turbine is planned for Scotland, the largest to be built anywhere in the world. The AR2000 is to be installed at the MeyGen test project, an offshore site between Scotland’s northernmost coast and the island of Stroma, which is also the largest wave power project in the world. ‘Project Stroma’ was established in 2010 to demonstrate how the cutting edge of tidal techologies could significantly reduce generation costs in the future."

Scotland Pushing Ahead With Hydrogen Power

In Energy Voice today: ‘The Scottish Government has recently set out the opportunities for hydrogen in its Energy Networks Vision and is now mapping locations in Scotland where hydrogen projects are best suited.  With Germany already operating the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled train, it would be great if Scotland could be next in line! Hydrogen buses are operating in Aberdeen and will be soon be in Dundee. A passenger ferry powered by fuel cell technology is under construction at Ferguson Marine in Glasgow, and on the Orkney island of Eday, the SurfnTurf project brings together two power sources – tidal and wind – with equipment (ITM Power electrolysers) to convert and store energy as hydrogen and ultimately used to power ferries.’