Though Surrounded By Windfarms Scots Pay More For Electricity!

"This new research clearly highlights how Scotland’s renewables potential is being unjustifiably damaged by Westminster’s approach to transmission charges, which are the highest in Europe by some margin. This means that the cost of energy bills has been inflated by Westminster government policy, and economic growth and job creation has been stunted in Scotland – the part of Europe with the greatest renewables potential."

Scotland's Renewable Energy Production Soaring

"From Recharge News, yesterday: "Renewables developer Iberdrola has unveiled plans to wire its 540MW Whitelee wind plant in the Scottish Highlands (sic) together with a solar array, battery facility and the UK’s largest electrolyser to create a new giant hydrogen production complex."  Leaving aside the usual confusion about Scotland’s geography, this is a big deal, to wire together wind, solar and battery facilities to generate industrial-scale volumes of H² (hydrogen)."

World's Largest Offshore Windfarm For Scotland

"In Energy Voice today: The final push for the world’s largest floating wind farm off Aberdeen is underway, with a giant foundation making the first leg of its journey. Boskalis said transportation of the third giant foundation from Spain to the Netherlands last week, later destined for Aberdeen, begins a phase which will see the six-turbine Kincardine Offshore Windfarm 'take shape in the coming months'."

World's First Hydrogen Double Decker Buses Enter Service In Aberdeen

"the world’s first fleet of double decker hydrogen buses officially launched into service on Thursday, 28 January in Aberdeen. While prototype hydrogen buses have been designed and used previously, as the transport industry explores how it can make use of universe’s most abundant element, these double deckers are the first of their kind to go into operation and welcome customers on board. Run by First Bus – one of Scotland’s largest bus operators – in a project led by Aberdeen City Council, the hydrogen buses represent a major step forward in reducing climate change, as cities across the world witness how far innovation in the transport industry has come."