Scotland To Build Largest And Most Powerful Single Axis Turbine In The World

"Scottish renewable energy firm Simec Atlantis said today the tidal generation system it designed and built has arrived in Nagasaki harbour, Japan. Simec Atlantis said the AR500 tidal generation system would initially operate at a capped maximum generation output of 500kW, as data collection and device validation are undertaken for the client and Japanese regulatory bodies. It also announced last year plans to build the AR2000 tidal generation system – which would be the largest and most powerful single axis turbine in the world."

World's First Continuous Green Hydrogen Production

"The commercialisation of green hydrogen is an essential step toward a 100% renewable future. Green hydrogen is created and consumed without carbon emissions and can replace fossil fuels in the energy mix, supporting the decarbonisation of heavy industry and transport sectors. The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult estimate that developing a green hydrogen industry could create 120,000 jobs and deliver £320bn to the UK economy by 2050. Funded by the Scottish Government, via Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Invinity’s modular flow battery system will be assembled at the company’s manufacturing facility in Bathgate, West Lothian"

Hydrogen Power In An Independent Scotland?

"While we are told we cannot continue to extract the oil and gas at current rates because of climate change it looks like there may be many other options ahead. One such option that seems to be in favour is the production of hydrogen. Production of green hydrogen from seawater utilising hydrolysis, offshore wind farm electricity and existing oilrig and pipeline infrastructure could be on the way."