52% Of Scottish Manufacturing Exports Are Now To The EU

In only one year, Scottish manufacturing exports, including food and drink, to the EU countries, have risen to more than 50% of the total, further strengthening the case for continuing membership, to trade freely. International exports, excluding oil and gas, have risen by £1.9 billion to £32.4 billion with rUK and the USA the biggest customers.

Scottish Government GHA Boosts Scottish Economy By £2bn

"The transformation of social housing in Scotland’s largest city under Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) has boosted the Scottish economy by £2 billion and supported thousands of jobs, a Fraser of Allander Institute report has calculated. The report confirms GHA’s investment programme – the biggest of its kind in Europe – contributed £2 billion to Scotland’s Gross Domestic Product. In addition, it supported an average of 2,425 full-time jobs per year, the equivalent of 36,500 years of full-time employment."