Scottish Government GHA Boosts Scottish Economy By £2bn

"The transformation of social housing in Scotland’s largest city under Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) has boosted the Scottish economy by £2 billion and supported thousands of jobs, a Fraser of Allander Institute report has calculated. The report confirms GHA’s investment programme – the biggest of its kind in Europe – contributed £2 billion to Scotland’s Gross Domestic Product. In addition, it supported an average of 2,425 full-time jobs per year, the equivalent of 36,500 years of full-time employment."

European Visitors To Scotland Up 22% In One Year

"Figures from the Office of National Statistics for the year up to the end of last September showed a 22 per cent increase in the number of visitors, with spending rising by 7 per cent to £1.15 billion. Overall 2.26 million people from Europe visited to the end of last September, spending a total of £1.15 billion. With overseas tourism expenditure from all countries at £2.25 billion, those coming from Europe accounted for over half of all visitor spending."

Ignorance Of Government Finance Should Disqualify Anyone From Commenting On It

"So The Guardian is employing a commentator who does not understand that governments have to spend before they can tax, or the money to be taxed does not exist.... All of which is really rather worrying. And should be a disqualification from commenting on economics. But apparently isn't."

World's Biggest Rig To BE Serviced At Scottish Government Funded Kishorn Port

In Energy Voice today: The arrival of the Ocean GreatWhite has been hailed in the Highlands as a positive step in the regeneration of Kishorn. Gavin Mackay, head of energy industries at development agency Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), said: We have been investing alongside Kishorn Port to reinstate the dry dock and bring the site back into use for a range of offshore energy construction and decommissioning purposes. This is a very positive signal that the market is ready to use this strategic west coast facility. 

At least part of the development funding for Kishorn came from the Scottish Government. See; https://www.kishornport.co.uk/2018/03/kishorn-port-attracts-decommissioning-funding/

The Demise Of The Petrodollar?

"My point is that the global oil trade has, to very large extent, underpinned the relative values and the relationship between the world’s fiat currencies. It has also underpinned the economic power of the US in various ways including the fact that many nations buy US govt. bonds to hold as reserves. So! What happens to that system when virtually nobody is buying or refining crude oil anymore and everybody is driving electric vehicles?"