8% Of The UK Population But 84% Of The New Tree Planting

Now, reported in the Independence City Courier today: ‘Scotland has surpassed its targets for planting more trees across the country, official figures show. According to Scottish Government statistics, 11,200 hectares of new planting was undertaken in Scotland last year – above the current annual target of 10,000 hectares. The number of trees planted in Scotland also represents a total of 84% of all new planting across the UK.’

Growth Of Scottish Economy Overtakes That Of UK

From  Insider, yesterday: "The rate of growth in the Scottish economy has overtaken that of the UK, according to official statistics. Figures published on Wednesday show that in the fourth quarter of last year, Scotland’s GDP rose by 0.3%. It is above the GDP growth for the UK over the same period, which was 0.2%. The value of Scotland’s GDP is estimated at £178.6 billion, or £32,800 per person, including oil and gas extraction in Scottish waters. Analysis suggests the most influential industry sector in Scotland last year was in manufacturing, with output increasing by 3.2% in total. On average, over the three years from 2015 to 2017, Scottish GDP has grown by 0.8% a year. The growth in 2018 (1.3%) is higher than the recent average growth rate, indicating an improvement in the economy."

The Case For An Investment Led Economy

"I have written a fair few NGO reports in my time; some of them on economic policy. I have some idea just how hard this is to do. You need to be precise, but not too technical; passionate, but overwhelming; coherent without being verbose; and most of all you need to have a vision. That combination is rare. To be original as well is an even harder objective to achieve. But I think Common Weal in Scotland has achieved all that in their new report, entitled 'An investment-Led Economic Development Framework For An Independent Scotland', which can be downloaded here."