Mainstream Media Distortion

Scots Are Very Dissatisfied With The BBC

The Ofcom, BBC Performance Tracker October 2017 – April 2018, makes uncomfortable reading for the BBC. 64% of all UK adults had a favourable overall impression of the BBC. Only 52% felt the same way in Scotland. Remember this overall impression includes the full range of highly impressive nature documentaries, highly popular dramas such as The Bodyguard and the equally popular Strictly Come Dancing. Ofcom did not ask specifically about BBC Scotland News or Reporting Scotland. We can only imagine the result if they had. I guess they wouldn’t risk that.

Thurrs Noa Been A Murrderrr!

As the UK news agencies, including BBC 1, agonise over the awful surge in violent crime in England and Wales, BBC Scotland News ignores the obvious newsworthy story – ‘Why do Scotland’s streets now seem less mean than those in much of England and Wales?’ – and scrabble around for anything bad. Today, after the expected one mad cow story, they found that a temporary police officer had sent a sexist email about female armed officers.