Mainstream Media Distortion

STV Stupidly Turn Good News Into Bad

"Unably assisted by Mike Rumbles of the Scottish Lib Dems, STV reporters have turned (a) good news into a confused bad news story. If you don’t think too hard, you might think 9 000 tests failed is a bad thing even if you notice that’s actually a bit less than 2 000 per year and that another 80 000 were carried out and resulted in passes. You see, pay attention, lots of tests being carried out with 10% being caught and remedied is good news. The service is doing what it is supposed to do to protect customers and it’s doing it far better than is the case in England."

"Scottish" Daily Express Fake News On Obesity

"There’s evidence and there’s evidence in the debate about obesity. There’s ‘research’ by a company manufacturing a natural alternative sweetener, NatVia, sold in competition with cane sugar. There’s research by Atomik who provide ‘business insights that support decisions’ and ‘research that hits nationwide headlines.’ Or, there’s research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The last of the three published peer-reviewed research in May 2018 which offered evidence that the childhood obesity increase in Scotland was likely to flatten out and even reduce, unlike that elsewhere in the UK. The researchers also explicitly credited Scottish Government policy initiatives and resource allocation strategies for this improvement. At the time BBC Scotland misrepresented this report to remove any whiff of that credit. Needless to say, the Express went for the first two, partisan, non-peer-reviewed, surveys to produce fake news for their Scottish readers. Based on the NatVia study."