Mainstream Media Distortion

The Four Estates

"So in 59 attempts, the BBC hasn’t managed to offer viewers a single pundit who might have a slight pro-independence slant, on a show dedicated to reviewing papers which are already mainly right-wing and at least 99% Unionist (we’re not aware of The National ever being mentioned, but we can’t definitively say it wasn’t), and Scotland itself barely gets a look-in at all. As far as the national BBC is concerned, Scotland barely exists, the political party with the vast majority of its elected representatives barely exists, and its media exists only in the form of Torcuil Crichton, a super-Unionist Labour hack based in Westminster. Readers can decide for themselves how well they’re being served."

BBC 2 Newsnight's Scottish Toryfest

"Out of the nine political voices that the programme presented from Scotland, seven were Conservatives. And not one of those representatives of a minority party was asked to explain what mandate they have from the people of Scotland to block another independence referendum. So yeah, a totally balanced and even handed presentation of the current state of Scottish politics after 20 years of the Scottish Parliament. That’s your BBC balance for you."

Reporting Scotland's Lingering Inadequacies In Journalism

"Yesterday as England reeled under the media exposure of a widespread sepsis scandal, Reporting Scotland, denied their own sepsis crisis, resorted once again to attempting to turn a single incident into something greater, something worse. There is no wider phenomenon reported here. No campaign by multiple sufferers. No letter signed by twenty medics. It’s just one tragic case filling a, for them, tragic gap in their broadcast. The report lingers sadly and morbidly on faces. It does not even remotely fulfil the state broadcaster’s remit to inform or to educate. It does not satisfy their own editorial guideline to avoid reliance on single sources. It’s bad journalism and it’s a trend, a trend worth reporting:"