Mainstream Media Distortion

Is The BBC Impartial? You Decide

"On 1 April, MP Nick Boles quit the Conservative Party. He claimed this was “because my party refuses to compromise”. Following his resignation, Boles laid bare his reasons for leaving and also made a staggering announcement. He indicated that Theresa May’s refusal to compromise on Brexit may be influenced by Robbie Gibb, her head of communications. This is the same man who was in charge of the BBC‘s live political shows during the EU referendum."  Read on...

BBC Scotland Shows It Hasn't Changed

"The Tory minister had embraced the opportunity to attack the SNP.  It was the same template BBC Scotland had adopted throughout the 2014 Indyref campaign. The template was forged between May 2011 and September 2014.  A UK government minister would visit Scotland, ostensibly to make a speech.  The speech would end and a question would be posed.  The UK government minister would then launch into a well rehearsed mini-speech attacking independence."

More Reporting Scotland Misinformation

"They don’t give up do they? Despite sending me two apologetic responses to my complaints about the misleading use of ‘from’ and ‘as a result of’ which I’d argue ‘led to’ some viewers thinking that the fungal infection linked to pigeon droppings had actually ‘caused’ the deaths when it had been only a ‘contributory’ factor, they were at it again last night."