Mainstream Media Distortion

More Reporting Scotland Misinformation

"They don’t give up do they? Despite sending me two apologetic responses to my complaints about the misleading use of ‘from’ and ‘as a result of’ which I’d argue ‘led to’ some viewers thinking that the fungal infection linked to pigeon droppings had actually ‘caused’ the deaths when it had been only a ‘contributory’ factor, they were at it again last night."

Criminal Proceedings In Scotland 2017-18

Criminal Proceedings in Scotland, 2017-18, contains several pieces of evidence suggesting progress in Scotland which Humza Yousaf’s equivalents in the non-Scottish parts of the UK would sell their grannies for, yet ignoring the above dramatic good news and many other trends reported below, Reporting Scotland found a way to extract and construct a bad news story out of this extensive report...

Ghouls and Nazis - BBC Reporting

"unlike words which are absorbed slowly, with time for conscious deliberation, and which our conscious mind can resist with contrary evidence, there are no defences against these visual images. They are absorbed by our unconscious mind in less than a second and they impact centres of emotional processing directly and powerfully. We know how difficult it is to change someone’s opinions with a direct strategy using factual evidence, but this strategy enables ideas to bypass all rational defences as if they were not there."